GMAT – Graduate Management Aptitude Test

GMAT is a standardized computer-based assessment that helps business schools assess the qualifications of their applicants, by serving as one predictor of academic performance in an MBA or in other graduate management programs.

The GMAT measures verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills.The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section is the first section to be answered.Then the Quantitative section, the Verbal Ability section and the Integrated Reasoning section follow respectively. In general, the GMAT takes about four hours to complete.

Scores are valid for five years. The maximum score that can be achieved on the GMAT is 800.The global mean score is 538.5.However most of the students score between 600 and 700, with 20% scoring above 700!

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GMAT Course

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We maintain a well-stocked resource library that our students have full access to.In addition, our helpful and professional counsellors are always on campus and available to answer any questions relating to MBA admissions.