Visitor Visa Assistance

Our Visit desk will ensure that your Visit arrangements are taken care of. Many Airlines in fact offer special packages for students and extra baggage allowances for the student community. Our Visit desk will help you book the right airlines according to your preferred departure dates, routes and fares with the best discount offers and special baggage allowances. In addition, you need not pay for your airfare at the time of blocking.

Our Visit Desk services include:

  • Passport services
  • Air Ticket with best deal offer
  • International Courier Services with special rates for students.
  • Airport Pickup Services.
  • International calling cards.
Pre Departure Briefing

Being your maiden visit to abroad, you may be very new to their culture, life styles, local laws, etc. Hence, pre-requisite knowledge in these areas is advisable before you embark on your visit.

A pre-departure briefing will be given to you prior to your visit with the necessary input to help make your visit comfortable and help you settle abroad. We will also link you to our existing students in that country through Skype and ensure you get first hand information about the student’s lives there. We will also arrange meetings with other students and their parents headed to the same country / university. These details and more are included in our pre-Departure kit and checklist provided before your visit.

Post Departure Briefing

We have our team across the world who had been in various countries to brief you about the things to do after you reach your study destination.

Our team would assist you on:

  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Local transportation and Visit
  • Purchase of goods with best deals for students
  • Finding part time job
  • Advise on Life Style and culture
  • Practical advice on living
  • Immigration, PR and work permits
  • Do’s and don’ts in a foreign country
  • Community Networks
  • Local Laws